just adopted a 10 week old male tabby...I only have a litter box. anything would be great
just adopted a 10 week old male tabby...I only have a litter box.
just adopted a 10 week old male tabby...I only have a litter box. would love some kitty stuff
Hi there, our family just expanded by three, and we need a large refrigerator. The home we rented does not have one, so we're in need of one very soon. Moving in on the 25th of this month. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!
Hi, looking for an electric kiln that will do high fire. Thanks!
Hi! Do you have any travel books about Paris, Language books, maps or any useful information regarding a trip to Paris? Do you have any safety travel purses or tips? Thanks so much in advance.
Hi folks I represent R & R Sober Living here in Escondido. We house men who are trying to get sober. We are often looking for refridgerators, washer/dryers, single beds etc If you have anything like this, we would love to speak with you. Mike 760 975 6947 Thanks
Looking for used Painter Drop Cloths: 1. Cloth 2. Clear Plastic 3. Opaque or Translusent Plastic Yes, USED with paint on them. We want to SAVE them from the landfill. We need them for a project for our Non Profit called @BeCreativeZone.org Calling is best, 760-633-3012
Thanks for clean moving boxes. Packing up my childhood home, a huge project. <3
outdoor redwood or other material picnic benches for picnic table. Long benches or small benches will do.
Stray yellow belly slider needs a pond for a good home w someone who knows how to care for her. Please help
I found a 9 hammock on clearance, and am looking for a stand. My son has been wanting a hammock for a long time, so was hoping someone had an old stand they didn t need anymore? Rusty and ugly is fine!
I need that pair of hearing aids in good condition that you don't use anymore.
Asking excellent condition. Leave your number to call back! THANK YOU SO MUCH . I live in a very tiny room that can t fit much.
Living in a motel room is so expensive. Maybe someone can donate to kiwish
Need good condition moving boxes please.
We need a good working treadmill. Thank you.
Need moving boxes, all sizes
Need a regular size free-standing ironing board or a wall mounted ironing board
Looking for a small amount (apx 25) paving stones or bricks to use in our yard. They don't have to look perfect or all match.
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